Thank you guys for the messages. Sorry for the time off. We’ll resume amusement shortly. For right now, I don’t think we’re looking for submissions but I will keep the ones you guys send in in case we do a big ‘what our followers sent in as #cosplayworldproblems ’ .

As far as answering some of the messages we get, I will try. I can’t promise anything too much as con season is upon us like winter is coming in Westeros. Also please, understand that we here at cosplayworldproblems try to be nice but we are not above replying to shitty messages. None of this blog is supposed to be anything but funny. There are body acceptance cosplay blogs. There are kumbaya love cosplay blogs. Then there’s this one where we say shit that is totally relevant to cosplay but without the hand holding.

Strap in fellow cosplayers. We’re set to snark.

(also thank you again for the cute messages and for following, seriously, you guys are a decent percentage of why we’re doing this)